Pakistan & Disabilities

The current population of Pakistan is 217 million which is equivalent to 2.81% of the total world population.

With many factors responsible for the rising numbers of disabled persons, the country witnessed an increasing global commitment in the last decade to bring persons with disabilities into mainstreaming, i.e. into education, employment & training.

After ratification of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) by Pakistan on 5 July 2011, progress has been seen towards the inclusion of persons with disabilities in education, employment and in wider society; however, much more needs to be done.

UN CPRD For effective planning and policy-making, accuracy of data is crucial and many national and international NGOs have not only stressed upon accuracy of data, but also carried out surveys at their own.

The need of research with the help of the medical and scientific community is there to identify causes of various disabilities and make efforts to create awareness in public to adopt practices that help prevent disabilities from happening.

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